Ringgold Depot / An Open Report

From: HK Edgerton [mailto:hk@csaweb.org]
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008

On Wednesday, March 13, 2008, I would adorn the uniform of the Southern soldier, and position myself outside the famous Depot Station in Ringgold, Georgia, where his flag was removed in dishonor, from a place that he gave his life defending an honorable people. I could spend an entire page reporting on the many people who would on this day stop and give me praise, love, and so many acts of kindness for making a stand in Dixieland against the injustice that was perpetrated here. However, I would rather speak of the sadness that I felt for the Black folks in Ringgold . Here they were being used as pawns to dishonor the memory of General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, the first to suggest( in a circular letter ) the arming of slaves into military service ) and probably the most ardent spokesman and champion for the Black man that wore the rank of general in the Confederate army, and certainly my mom’s favorite Confederate General. It would not have set well with General Cleburne in the removal of the Battle flag that he and all Southerners know has become the symbol most synonymous to not only the men of the armies of the South, but of the Southern people as well. Here we are once again caught up in the reconstruction modus operandi designed to pit us as surely the traitorous beings that we will become by positioning ourselves with those who filled their coffers by climbing into the bed with the enemies of our fathers.

The real fear for those who hate our heritage and come into our southland spreading their lies amongst our people is that they well know and understand history and are terrified as well as mystified as to why there are not many acts of violence against them for what took place around here during the terror reigns of Sherman and the legacy he left behind. Squash the battle flag and all memory of it , by using the only tool at their disposal which will justify the means; the African and the lies told about his condition of servitude, and the only place on God’s earth where he could get a good night’s sleep , the Southland of America. God bless the people of Ringgold, and I thank them for the love bestowed.