Dear Editor,

I believe Rev. Barnett’s letter concerning the Confederate flag in Elmwood Cemetery hit the nail on the head. I certainly hope other black organizations take heed. The NAACP has $42 million a year with which to do exactly what Rev. Barnett wants to be done about crime, school drop-outs, etc., yet they worry more about taking down flags, monuments and historical sites. The situation mentioned by Rev. Barnett is not true only in the black community, it is true with all races and all cultures.

I am a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A member of my group in Dallas, Texas, has dedicated his life to researching and documenting black Confederate soldiers, marking their graves and protecting their good names. The descendents of these black Confederate soldiers are joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

There is a group of black men who are descended from the famed Buffalo Soldiers here in Dallas. They also participate in re-enactments and parades. Several of them have attended our meetings of the SCV. They also help us to protect our heritage and the flag. Some of them have even donned Confederate uniforms and re-enacted alongside the white re-enactors as Confederates.

So, it’s like Rev. Barnett said, I also cannot find one black person who is offended by the Confederate flag. Most of those who say they are offended are so only because it’s the “thing to do”. Thanks for your ‘right-on’ letter, Reverend.

Melvin Vinson
Historian, Gen. W. L. Cabell Camp #1313