Richard "Dick" Poplar…Black Confederate
Hi Terry,
People like this Kevin Levin are a joke and a disgrace to the teaching profession.  Is it any wonder that the education system is in shambles today?  As for his statement that no Blacks ever fought for the Confederacy and that there are no service records to prove it….Gee, I hate to disappoint him, but his credibility is shot ( as if he had any to begin with ).  The book on the 13th Virginia Cavalry in the Virginia Regimental History Series clearly lists Private Richard Poplar on its rolls.  Richard was a free Black who enlisted at the outbreak of war ( he didn’t have to ) leaving a lucrative profession as a chef at the Bollingbrook Hotel in Petersburg, Virginia to do so.  He was captured at Gettysburg and spent 19 months in captivity as a POW.  At any time he could have been freed by taking the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S.  Instead, he preferred to share the fate of his fellow soldiers by saying he was a "Jeff Davis" man.  We have a memorial for Richard that is five years running each September at Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg.  Probably the main reason this so-called "teacher" can’t find any record of Blacks who served is because the soldiers of the South weren’t segregated by race in the ranks, by pay ( they received the same as white soldiers ), or in the official record as were their counterparts in the notorious USCT.     
Terry W. Barfield       
Church Road, Va.