Revolutionary SCV Camps

In the days and times isn’t it about time that we stop honoring the federal government in any way at our camp meetings? How is pledging to the federal rag honoring our ancestors sacrifice and struggle to free us from an over intrusive, unconstitutional government? We should STOP "playing" at honoring the Confederate Cause and start "brain storming" as many ways as possible for us to show our disdain for this fascist, socialist system that has ruined our culture. Where are the southron patriots in the SCV? Brothers and sisters – stand up at your meetings and proclaim it loud and clear. I WILL NOT HONOR THAT WHICH IS NOT HONORABLE! I WILL NOT SUPPORT THAT WHICH IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! I WILL IN ALL WAYS AND AT ALL TIMES SHOW MY DISDAIN FOR THE LYING, STEALING, MURDERING, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!
I feel that the loss of many of our members is because we stand for nothing. There is no fire in our meetings. No passion and resolve about who we are and what we stand for. LIGHT THE TORCH OF RESISTANCE AND HOLD IT UP! Then, see how those disaffected, disillusioned among us will be drawn to our (and their) cause.
What say you brothers and sisters of Dixie!?
"Denny" Lee Lacy
CSA Citizen KY1-Cn01
Commander, Southern Confederate Front, Kentucky Division, Confederate Society of America.
Deo Vindice Resurgam
Sons of Confederate Veterans – Camp # 225