Revisionist History

The winner of a war has always had the ability to change history to suit his purposes. 1984 is today and Winston Smith is alive and well in Washington D.C.

When you discuss how the Celtic peoples were humiliated by the bloody English,  I recall how Scots and Irish were subjugated and mistreated.
Truly, the South has suffered and is continually humiliated.  Southron people are portrayed as yokels and complete idiots.  TWBS is officially listed in the Library of Congress Archives as "the War of the Rebellion", although, as we know, TWBS was a war for Southern Independence.
I am of German Heritage and you’ll recall that the treatment of Germany after WWI was overly harsh and its treasury depleted and economy ruined.  All this evil led to the Germans election of Adolph Hitler and finding out too late what he really was as their cities lie in ruin and thousands of Germans were killed when he ordered the subways flooded.  After WWII the nation was divided and occupied for about 60 years.
I wonder if the treatment of conquered peoples, even conquered Americans, is why God is no longer prospering the nation.
In the 1860’s northern hypocrisy was supreme.  Northern workers were paid in scrip that could only be spent at the company store where grossly inflated prices kept them in bondage to the company until death.
Likewise those who signed indenture agreements for passage to America were gulled into a situation where they were in bondage. These practices created "wage slaves" and “indentured servants".
Yet New England, who still rules America, persecuted the South claiming slavery as the issue when the true issues were economics and power.
As a Confederate from Missouri, when Democrats and Republicans say they are making a better America with true equality I say "show me".  So far they have shown me nothing but hypocrisy.