From: Albritton, Kermit <>
Date: Thu, Dec 15, 2011
Subject: Revisionist history
Cc: HK Edgerton <>

The history of a war is always recorded by the victors, but that does not always make it accurate.  Blatantly denying the existence of African Confederate soldiers is revisionist tactic; as is hiding one’s head in the sand.  As long as there is no one around to prove such statements wrong, like with one’s head in the sand, there is no danger of discovery.  However, once the teeth of reality finds their mark, it is too late to know any better.
Though my Confederate ancestor was a white man, he along with many other Georgians fought the Yankees to keep them out of the South.  He, along with his band of brothers, were not slave owners, nor did they fight to keep slaves for the rich plantation owners who held most of the Africans in bondage; they fought for their families, their land and their rights to be Americans.  To claim that over 650,000 American Africans did not participate for the same reasons, is attempting to ignore so much has been recorded and proven.
I am not certain of how they do things where you come from Dr. Slap, but where I come from, I try to study before I open my mouth; as in your case, there may be more that you should know.
Kermit Lee Albritton
Thomas Downey High School
English Department