Tn Div. Echo: Latest review of Robert Redford’s The Conspirator
The Conspirator
Gregg Clemmer reviews Robert Redford’s The Conspirator
It was well done, the movie monkeys with the facts a bit – but overall a very commendable job & movie – Every American should see it – Whatever Redford’s motives the nails the yankee system in this one
1. Movies leaves out Anna Surratt’s plea to Andrew Johnson and being blocked by Rufus King (who later committed suicide)
2. Puts Mary & atty at same table (wrong) and leaves out the case against the rest of the conspirators (sensible)
3. Makes the hoods worn by defendants less barbaric than they were.
4.Infers that John Surratt was close at hand (he was in hiding in Quebec)
5. Lewis Payne was young and handsome – not the derelict portrayed – he also said repeatedly on the scaffold that Mary Surratt was innocent – that was left out – he also strangled in the noose for several minutes – that was also left out.
But these are minor criticisms – Great Movie – go see it
Kirk D. Lyons

Other minor problems
Counsel was not allowed to communicate with their clients – save in open court – Aiken never got to talk to Mary Surratt in her cell – with our without a soldier present. Also the hoods were padded with 1" cotton batting with extra padding around the eyes. All the prisoners were on a raised platform including Mary Surratt who as you entered the room was at the back and to the left – she did not sit with Aiken separately – as a matter of fact in the descriptions of the courtroom – I cannot find a place for defense counsel to sit or stand.
Movie got this wrong: at the actual execution scene there were NO females present except the very weird Dr. Mary Walker who wore her uniform/bloomer outfit
Also the movie folks obviously forgot what Catholic priests wore – they did not look like Baptist Deacons.
Apparently Herold and to a lesser extent Atzerodt – strangled in the noose.
Kirk D. Lyons
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