From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Sat, Aug 27, 2011
Subject: Lincoln’s Marxists- a book review on

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
Please note the review of Mr. Benson and Mr. Kennedy’s book, LINCOLN’S MARXISTS, herein.  I strongly urge one and all to get it and read it.
You may recall my mention of the "forty-eighter’s" & the large number of Socialist/Communists who the European Country’s were tossing out in the mid- 19th century. You may also recall this Confederates calling of your attention to where they were going & coming (America), and to whom they were giving their allegiance to- Abe Lincoln.
You may also recall my mention of the various positions these Socialist/Communists were realizing thanks to Lincoln & their ‘new homes’ within the ‘Republican Party’ (thus the term of that TIME of—Red Republicans) & their further involvement in securing high positions within many of the Northern State Legislatures & their equal involvement & placement within the banking ‘industry’.  Additionally, those with Military experience were given Command positions within the Federal Army.
This and much more, is THAT part of the hidden and omitted History YOU were NEVER taught in the ‘public school system’,  as the Federal Department of Education has clearly taken care of that aspect.  It was, as the saying goes, ‘conveniently’ left out.
Instead,  the Real Events of that time were replaced with an altered version, preventing 5-generations hence from ever knowing the TRUTH or capable of ever asking the REAL QUESTION as to why the American Civil War (a misnomer in of itself as it was a War between TWO COUNTRY’S)  was really Fought?
The puke version that has been taught to everyone is the ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ version- Fought because of Slavery.
Slavery on a scale of 1 to 10 was perhaps a 9, at best, as the far greater issues related to the advancing & culminating Politics as discussed within Lincoln’s Marxists.  You must rememeber that the American Revolution was fought only 65 years earlier and the smell of ANY alteration or transformation of government was NOT going to be so easily passed onto an un-suspecting State Citizenship whose ‘Country’s’ were their Sovereign States.
The ‘electorate’ more than smelled a rat as it related to what this Country was to have been ( A REPUBLIC ) and what the essence of a Central Power was attempting to do & create with respect to Money & Power.
If you are looking for the number 1 & 2 reasons why the American ‘Civil War’ came about, these were the key issues and NOT this crapola that it was all about Slavery.  Hell, over 90% of our Confederate Military had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH OR HAD ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH SLAVERY!
The American ‘Civil War’ started in 1861- officially……but it’s origin began MANY YEARS prior to 1861 as those events described herein had been evolving for some time, much in the same fashion of those today, and the embers of War were long afoot & long before 1861 ever transpired.
And, less YOU forget, it was Lincoln who INVADED the Southern States using the mantra and excuse that HIS Tax Fort at Sumter had been ‘accosted’ and it’s Tax Money’s ‘confiscated illegally’.
And into what has become your Federally-Funded History, and in the Greatest Epic in the Fight for Freedom NEVER being told, the mantle for ALL current Federal Involvement and Chaos that has evolved since—resulting in MORE WARS & DEATHS of our People thanks to the Radical Red Republicans of that time whose offspring of today hold their man Lincoln most ahigh, the Greatest LIE has been cast.
Education or, more aptly described by the Lord Himself— "The TRUTH is what shall set YOU Free."
Read and Learn for YOURSELF as precious little time remains and remember this- the sitting Confederate Government was NEVER Surrendered upon the War’s ‘conclusion’.  It remains to this day in exhile and can & must be reseated & restored.  ALL you need to do in order to achieve it’s return, is become a Confederate Citizen. (See
It was NEVER a Regional War between the North and the South folks, as Washington has made you believe.

That was done to intentionaly Dividide two regions in order for Washington to grow themselves at our mutual expense.  It was a War brought about by two entirely different Political Ideology’s, and before most Northerner’s realized what had been done……it was too late, as the War he (lincoln) wanted had begun!
" Dear Mr. Lincoln,
May I congratulate you on a job well-done.

Karl Marx"…..more History YOU knew NOT of!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America (become a Member)     (become a Confederate Citizen)
PS- Mr. Benson is the Society’s Resident Historian, Chaplain and member of it’s Board of Directors.  The Society’s Board of Director’s receives NO compensation and has been in this FIGHT since our inception in June, 1992.
Lincoln’s Marxists
~Pelican Publishing
5.0 out of 5 stars (1)
5.0 out of 5 stars I STRONGLY RECOMMEND LINCOLN’S MARXISTS!, August 24, 2011
By Joan Hough "Joan Hough" (Houston, Texas)

Joan Hough

Here’s a book I wish every person still capable of independent thinking would read:

LINCOLN’S MARXISTS is a book difficult to stop reading–impossible to cease thinking about.  What follows here are the impressions rushing through my mind after my exposure to the findings laid out in this amazing work of two Americans–one, a northerner by birth and one, a Southerner.

Quite frankly, I was enthralled by the latest discoveries of truth shared with us by authors Al Benson, Jr. and Walter Kennedy. When I read their first book, I thought these two men "stalwart and admirable retrievers of long hidden truths and bold and brave enough to tell the world what they had discovered." Upon reading their new book,LINCOLN’S MARXISTS, I now must alter my description of Benson and Kennedy by replacing the word "stalwart" with the word "phenomenal."

Benson and Kennedy’s latest book, LINCOLN’S MARXISTS, hot off the August 2011 press, was published by that rising star of a publishing house, The Pelican Publishing Co. located in Gretna, Louisiana. The Pelican folks seem to specialize in finding and giving the reading public a magnificent choice of books which unveil information that the nation’s controllers in both major political parties would prefer not be revealed.

Many of the Pelican books, as one might expect, have politically incorrect content because they are loaded chock-full with undeniable truths.

LINCOLN’S MARXISTS is the perfect example of just such a book. Within its pages one can find what is practically the entire story of the down-through-the-ages bloom and death and rebirth of Communism in America–especially in that time in the 1800’s when shot off the pens and out of the mouths of American Marxists it ricocheted throughout the South. It was in 1848 and 1849 that thousands of Revolutionary Socialist-Communists, fleeing their failed European Socialist Revolution for "Democracy," arrived in the U.S., wagging their copies of the Communist Manifesto with them as their inspiration for the continuation in America of their dream of creating an all powerful central government as a step to world domination. Theirs was an instantaneous involvement with the birthing of the Republican Party. Their Marxist connections, their expertise in writing propaganda and speaking it (in the German language and English) won them positions on the north’s most influential publications. and in a multitude of organizations.

The Republican Party roots are, without a doubt, embedded in Communism. Their second candidate for office, Mr. Lincoln’s actions prove his acceptance of all Communism could give him. When one compares the works of Adolph Hitler with those of Lincoln, their commonalities become shockingly evident.

The Communist 1848ers arrived in America. And thus began the story of lies that exploded into the bloodiest, most unnecessary war our America has ever known. Even in this year of 2011 there remains an unending story full of sound and fury signifying the deliberate, cold-blooded murder of American women and children, the murder of imprisoned Confederate soldiers and the U.S. Constitution. Today it has an added "New World Order," twist which is pro- United Nations, pro-hedonism, anti-Christian-anti-God, anti-family, the anti states-right, and, of course anti-Constitution.

Benson and Kennedy, clearly and succinctly -without any fanciful literary pirouetting, present the facts, prove the relationships of the Marxist-Communists with dishonest, obviously non-Christian Abe Lincoln, prove Abe’s agreement with their plans, expose the villainy and name the names of the chief villains– the Germans and non-Germans–Union Generals, Colonels, U.S. government officials, politicians, Republican Party Leaders, editors, newspaper reporters, Union leaders and members, preachers, teachers, and other civilians–all Marxists or Marxist sycophants.

We are given the identities and ties of large numbers of these Communists. Many of them, now considered to be great American heroes, are revealed to be the monsters lurking behind the U.S. government’s genocidal attacks on Americans. The attacked Americans were killed, mutilated, tortured, had their families tortured and deliberately starved, their wives and daughters raped, had their everything stolen from them. Their property, in approved Marxist fashion, was "redistributed," their children’s minds "reconstructed" in Marxist-designed, government-controlled schools, their legally seceded nation invaded and taken over.

[These Americans suffered Hell on earth because they attempted to use their legal and moral right to separate from a government determined to steal their money, halt their "pursuit of happiness," and oppress them. [Genocide and Holocaust occurred in America long before appearing elsewhere in the civilized world.]

The Communist affiliations of the Republican wheelers and dealers are detailed –their Communist motives are uncovered. In addition Benson and Kennedy bring us up to the here and now with their chapters concerning the Socialist goals created by Communists, goals adored by Lincoln, Hitler, Lenin, Francis Bellamy, and Edward Bellamy. (Edward Bellamy was the author of the nation’s most popular pro-Communist novel. It birthed tornadoes of Bellamy clubs throughout the north.)

Most Americans can expect to be horrified when they read in the Benson and Kennedy text the truth about the real meaning and purpose of the wording in the Pledge of Allegiance. [Francis Bellamy,the author, was the "kicked out of the pulpit for Socialism" Baptist preacher. His pledge packs a direct insult to all Confederate ancestors and their descendants. The word "indivisible" was Bellamy’s way of declaring Southerners committed treason–were traitors to the U.S. Constitution because no state had the right to become "divisible" and leave the Union.] Bellamy thus voiced a Marxist, gigantic, horrendous lie and has made nearly all Americans recite it over and over and over again.]

In LINCOLN’S MARXISTS, we also find chapters highlighting and puncturing many of the Socialist still-in-flight, brainwashing balloons. The balloons’ well-propagandized contents include Communist goals achieved in the U.S. in the 1860’s and still in place in our U.S. government and those goals not yet attained, but still being pursued by American Communists, their fellow travelers and vast multitudes of brainwashed followers. Communists are still highly influential on America’s political scene and in nearly every aspect of American life. They may no longer parade under the title "Communists," but by their actions are they known.

Among the eighteen fascinating chapters in the book, is one titled "Evangelicals Marching with Mars" Another most intriguing Addendum is labeled "Socialist Influences on Feminism." An additional Addendum, "Twenty First Century American Secession Movements" offers much food for thought. The Preface and Introduction contain some important information. I found the explanation as to why our government was created as a Republic, rather than a Democracy of great interest. I shall not forget truth presented in a crystallized form in the W.E. Dodd quote, "the election of Lincoln and, as it turned out, the fate of the Union was thus determined not by native Americans but by voters who knew least of American history and institutions." That is, in my own words- ignorant foreigners determined the fate of the Union, destroyed thirteen sovereign states and caused up to a million American deaths. These foreigners were dedicated Communist-Marxists. Their helpers were mostly duped fellow ethnics.

It seems to this reader that the Benson and Kennedy book of truth was designed to be read and studied by folks with above average acumen– by men and women who. once informed, once awakened to the truth, will dedicate themselves to spreading their knowledge far and wide, enabling the non-readers to understand just how the lies of our past have been to the detriment of our America, and how how the lies have been perpetuated by fanatically impassioned, "greedy for power" Americans. The readers should help others understand how the Communist initiated lies have harmed us, harmed our American Republic, shredded our U.S. Constitution and now threaten the very tomorrows of all living Americans and all yet to be born. We have been virtually enslaved because of Marxist lies. We have progressive Income Tax, Government control of the education of our young (brainwashing), redistribution of the wealth–from each according to his ability to each according to his need, taxing on anything that moves or does not, a central bank–a private one disguised as a Federal one, etc., etc., etc.–all of these are Communist creations.

The Truth shall set us free. I do hope all who read this book will tell its truth.  LINCOLN’S MARXISTS by Al Benson, Jr. and Walter Kennedy is available through I already have purchased several copies of it and expect to buy more.