Response to Wolfgang
Mr. Decker 
The answer to the question you posed in the recent Southern heritage newsletter, “what’s wrong with you people,” is simple. What’s wrong with people like us is people like you. Yes, we know we “lost the war.” How could we not know it? People like you simply won’t let us forget it. Every time we try to celebrate something or someone that is important to us, people like you keep reminding us that we should not be doing it and should indeed, be thankful for the fact that you sent hordes to invade our homes and save us from ourselves. 
The only thing that’s worse than a sore loser is a sore winner, and you sir, are a sore winner! Maybe you’re sore because with 4 times our manpower and 10 times our industrial capacity, it still took you 4 long years to beat us? Maybe you’re sore because we took down 100,000 more of you than you took down of us? More likely, you’re sore because we still refuse to model ourselves after you! "Mixed blood" has less to do with it than simply being who and what we are. We aren’t like you and we never will be. Don’t like it? “GET OVER IT!” 
Be happy with the fact that you won. Be a gracious winner and not a pompous one.  Stop expecting us to emulate you or to get down and kiss your boots for killing 260,000 of our soldiers and 50,000 of our civilians – all in an attempt to keep us from doing what we wanted most – to be rid of people like you. 
Remember that when we celebrate our holidays, our heroes, our heritage, that you have a choice to either participate or not participate. You want to celebrate old Abe’s birthday instead? Fine. Have yourself a whoopdeedoo time! We won’t interfere. Just leave us alone to celebrate what is important to us. 
Remember too that there has never been an instance of a busload of Southerners coming up to a Northern city to protest how Northerners do things. I have yet to see a busload of Southerners pulling up to the Port Authority in New York and then go marching over to Union Square to protest the statue of General Sherman which sits there. I don’t expect I ever will. Southerners are not big on telling others how to live their lives. 
And while no one has ever referred to me “religious”, I wouldn’t make book on God blessing “northern America.” As I recall from my Sunday school days, God does not look favorably upon those who make war on their neighbors, who take from their neighbors what does not belong to them, and who act as if arrogance, which I believe falls under the heading of “the sin of Pride," is a virtue. 
Bill Vallante