Response to National Geographic WBTS documentary
National Geographic’s  “Civil Warriors, Families at War”
As I watched your program, it did not take long for your misinformation to surface.
You told of how a Mr. MacDonald, of Virginia, “fought to preserve slavery”.  Not only did he, nor any other Confederate NOT fight to preserve slavery, but neither did any Yankee fight to free slaves.  You are just perpetuating the lie about the War of Northern Aggression being fought over slavery.  If the South was concerned about slavery, why did it not accept the Corwin Amendment which would have protected slavery for all time if the South would rejoin the union?  It was rejected because slavery was NOT the issue; overtaxing and oppression were the main issues.  The South provided over 75% of the revenue for the government.  Lincoln waged his illegal war to force the South back into the union so he would not lose his revenues. And your telling of “thousands of blacks” running North to “freedom” is a bit disingenuous. I didn’t hear you mention that Illinois would not allow blacks to settle there, and were subject to beatings if they did stay there.
And what about the union army capturing blacks and forcing them into fighting for the North?  Oh yes, it happened.  There are letters to Lincoln from union officers telling how they had to chase down the blacks in the woods and force them into union service.  That doesn’t sound like “freedom” to me.  Only 6% of southerners owned slaves, and only about 4% of Confederate soldiers owned slaves.  Do you really believe that the 96% of the soldiers who did not own slaves would fight for the 4% who did?  Not likely.
Where did the slaves come from?  I think we can agree that they came from Africa.  How did they get here?  Yankee slave ships from New England, flying the flag of the United States, NOT the Confederate flag, transported them in extremely inhumane conditions to America and sold them to both northerners and southerners.  The industrialized North was not as well suited for slavery as was the agricultural South, and northerners did not like working along side blacks. Slavery was ending in the North, not due to any great humanitarian efforts of Yankees, but for economic and racial reasons.
Of course no documentary of rewritten history is complete without telling how the Emancipation Proclamation “freed the slaves”.  Have you actually read it?  I have.  It freed not ONE SOLITARY SLAVE. It was the 13th Amendment that ended slavery.  Why do you not tell of Ulysses S. Grant owning slaves until well after the war, as did William T. Sherman?  Why do you not tell of slaves being used in Washington D.C. for building many of the structures there?  The freeing of slaves was just a by-product of the war, not the cause for it.  Why do you not tell of the rape, plunder, and murder of thousands of innocent southern civilians by Lincoln’s invading army? The Confederate army was not guilty of these crimes against northern civilians. The CSA fought with honour and dignity against invaders into their homeland.
The South was fed up with the way it was being treated by the North, so it exercised its constitutional right to secede.  Read the 10th Amendment. The South saw the North destroying the Constitution and growing a centralized government, the very thing our Founders feared.  The South wanted to return to the Constitution and live by it.
You have once again laid the slavery issue at the doorstep of the South, when the North is more to blame than anyone. Yankee greed is why there was slavery in America.
You also failed to tell of the European socialists Lincoln used as officers in his invading army.  That’s right.  After the failed 1848 socialist revolution in Europe, many thousands of the defeated socialists made their way to the U.S. and took up their cause here. Karl Marx was an admirer of Lincoln and even wrote to him.  The socialist President Lincoln, in true socialist form, had thousands of northerners imprisoned and newspapers shut down because they disagreed with his illegal war.  Most of the North was in favor of allowing the South to leave peacefully. Yankee greed would not allow that to happen.
Your documentary continues the 100+ years of rewritten history and brainwashing by liberal socialists.  But there are millions of us out here that DO know the true account of history and are passing it on to our descendants, regardless of the lies they are taught in the government indoctrination centers.  Watching your propaganda documentaries just makes me want to puke. You can keep telling the same lies over and over again, but it will never make them true. You have taken part in the slander and vilifying of the South, and glorifying the invading armies of Lincoln who waged an illegal and treasonous war.
I am proud of my Confederate ancestors, and proud of how and why they fought. With your assistance, the genocide of southern culture, history, and symbols continues, but none of the Yankee lies will ever change the truth of why this great conflict took place.
Jeff Paulk
McIntosh Camp #1378
Tulsa, OK