Response to Response to Timothy Manning 😉
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Your "rant," as you put it, is in the very words that many of us use day to day. We are tired of being on the defensive; we are tired of being picked targets, if you will. We are sick of being maligned for what our ancestors did or did not do. We are tired of being tired.

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: Excellent thoughts by both gentlemen. Can’t disagree with any. I would merely like to remind you all that when you send one-third or more of your blood, sweat and tears to the tax rats every April 15, you are giving the yankee 666-beast its natural fodder and in many ways canceling out the good work you do for the Southern cause all year. The income tax is the rope they hang you with, the shackles they progressively clamp on every aspect of your anatomy. Most strangely, in all the discussion of how oppressed Southerners are, what we’re going to do to get free, and how we’re going to run our reborn homeland, there’s very little said about this whole subject.
All this goes for not only the IRS but your state DoR. All state governments across the land are outposts of the Beast. They exist to suck your blood and figure out new ways to peonize and disenfranchise you and your family. Think I’m indulging in hyperbole, poetic license, or stretching things a bit? If you don’t know the tax rats for what they are — admittedly suave, impeccably mannered rats — I fear you’re still stuck at square one in your liberation process.
Quitting is easier than most people have any idea. I haven’t paid in over 20 years with little friction. In fact, if folks knew just how essentially Southern tax freedom was, they’d jump for joy and realize all over again IT’S STILL ALL IN OUR FAVOR. One more time, what was the Big Bang of the USA’s birth? A tax revolt — under ridiculously benign conditions compared to today’s crushing burdens and oppressive, ubiquitous mind-messing.
A blessed few patriots know the simple 100% Biblical and Constitutional truth of tax freedom. When the others get to heaven they’re going to learn how good it could have been HERE, NOW, and kick themselves for being too busy earning money to stop and learn how to save money and freedom.
There will be no seceding of political jurisdictions until the people secede from the IRS. No threat, no dirge, no jeremiad from the noisy ex-yankee. Plain fact.