My response to San Antonio Express editorial
Below is my letter in response to the San Antonio Express’ editorial
Keep hate symbol off of Texas plates
As a retired veteran, reenactor, and a former resident of San Antonio, I was deeply saddened by the myopic editorial entitled “Keep Hate Symbol off Texas Plates” in that it reveals an apparent lack of historical and legal acumen.
Historically, there is nothing that occurred under the Confederate flag—good or bad–that has not occurred under “Old Glory.” Before the 1950’s, the Confederate flag was simply known as a soldiers’ flag and a time honored symbol of the South. Moreover, it was not the flag of the Klan as the media has erroneously portrayed it. Unfortunately, during the struggle for civil rights, those who had no claim to the flag utilized it, as well as the US and Christian flag, for their own vile purposes. Given this fact, it is apparent that only those who have limited knowledge of history seek its eradication.
Moreover, it is not merely the Confederate flag that will appear on the plate, but the organizational symbol of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which contains the square battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. If other organizations are allowed specialty plates, the SCV should have the same right. If Texas were to forbid these plates, the courts would surely overturn this as viewpoint discrimination.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans in Texas save the state thousands of dollars in revenue picking up trash along Texas’ highways. Shouldn’t they be able to drive on these same roads with a license plate featuring the symbol of their organization?
Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Grovetown, Ga.