My response to R. Daniel
Well, sir, you have your opinion and I have mine.  I’m sure your relatives served honorably in those conflicts as did mine.  Their honorable service does not automatically make the US honorable.  And unlike too many others, I differentiate between the concept of America and the federal government.  I love the America that the founding fathers created and intended, but this ain’t it; in fact, it was turned upside down in 1861, as you should know.  As for me going somewhere else, we would already be there had the Yankees not forced the seceded Southern states back into the Union at gunpoint.  Is the US still the best country in the world?  Why, yes, it is; but that’s like saying that this snake is less poisonous than that one.  I don’t like getting bitten by any of them.  And the US federal government is doing their best to bite us more and more, and I see the 50-star US flag as their flag, not mine.  If you want to lay claim to it, that’s your right, but I still seriously question the core of someone who calls himself a Confederate but pledges allegiance to a flag of an "indivisible" empire.  In addition to the Confederate flags, I honor the Betsy Ross flag since it was the flag of a legitimate US, which no longer exists.
Rodney Combs
Noble, Oklahoma