Response to Mr. Mondo


Mr. Mondo,

Regarding your comments about the Confederate flag representing hate: Your free admission to being a transplanted yankee, along with the ad nauseam anti-South rhetoric, clearly demonstrates that biologically and historically, yankees are the ultimate carriers of hate and hypocrisy. Your post validates that these dominant “genes” continue to be passed down from one generation of yankees to the next.

Yankees, like you, should have a strong understanding of the concept “hijacking” as you have practically engineered it to be a very bloody, contact event. Sadly, like many symbols and man-made objects, the Confederate Battle flag is one of a million objects that have been “hijacked” for something other than its original purpose. It is foolish to eradicate or sanitize these items just because they have been “hijacked.” If we all acted on such absurd passions, what would we be left with?

Think about it – Should Catholics abandon their church and their faith because certain priests broke a sacred covenant? Since Mitsubishi manufactured the aircraft that bombed Pearl Harbor, should all Mitsubishi products be banned? Should we send a strike force to blow up the mountainside of Mt. Rushmore? Its design and project sculpture was the work of Gutzon Borglam, who was once a Grand Dragon for the Klan. Do we really want any homage or respects rendered to a so-called “National Monument” that was developed by a Klansman?

And I haven’t even started on how our elected leaders, especially those of yankee persuasion like Lincoln, have hijacked the Federal government and turned us into the Empire we collectively struggle against today. Wipe that slate clean and maybe we can start to remove some of the unconstitutional taint that has contaminated the Stars and Stripes.

Unlike the anti-American Nazi and Soviet flags you mentioned, our beloved Confederate Battle Flag is a home-grown American Flag conceived on American soil, of American ideals, by a generation of true American patriots. If you want to perform a real civic duty, find the nearest interstate and head back north. When you get there, show your patriotism by working to remove a real symbol of the aforementioned anti-American flags – the United Nations. While you’re at it, work at removing all the illegals that have infiltrated this country. Infiltration – another yankee concept right up your alley.

When you speak of Southerners having the right to display “our symbol of hate in all its arrogance”, you again communicate with an inherited trait dripping with hypocrisy. As for arrogance, you should know that yankees regard that precious commodity as a "term of endearment."

The actual Southern residents of Travelers Rest, SC will read your comments and know that yankee infiltration is still a virus to be reckoned with. However, yankees like you eventually stumble upon their comeuppance.

Jimmy Ward
GySgt / USMC (ret.)
Rhodhiss, NC
Sons of Confederate Veterans