In response to Mr. Latimer’s question




Ms. Costa,

In reply to the article concerning your efforts to help the businesses located in Gettysburg, I am in need of some facts. Several years ago, when the college hosted an exhibit in which the Confederate Battle Flag was hung, I never read where the Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce opposed this as an organization. I did read where several individual businesses voiced their disapproval, but a business community speaks through its chamber. If indeed their chamber never officially opposed the exhibit, then why should Southerners spent their hard earned money with businesses in that town. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide on this subject.


Allen Latimer


Mr. Latimer,

Thank you so much for your response. I can’t answer what businesses did or did not oppose that disgusting display at the college a few years ago. I do know that many of the businesses did oppose that event and there were some that may have opposed it but couldn’t denounce it publicly. We had a great deal of that occur when we were fighting the casino 2 years ago. These businesses are there to make money. Coming out like that over such a controversial situation, no matter which way you go, you’re going to tick people off whether you speak out or not, in favor or against, and these business owners don’t want to lose money.

I know that the local SCV went around and presented certificates to those businesses that opposed the hanging of the flag. I’ve also heard many Southerners have decided to boycott Gettysburg for this reason. I’m hoping I can change that. Instead of a boycott, why don’t we try educating the masses? I know it’s an undertaking. I know it’s hard to erase years of ignorance and lies but it’s something I’ve committed myself to fighting.

It’s not just about the businesses. This is truly about educating. I’ve reached out to schools. I’ve reached out to the Girl and Boy Scouts on this…I’m getting a great response. We’ve been uncovering information regarding slavery and its relation to Gettysburg and the North in general…we want to bring out the truth. The OCR is working to educate people…that slavery isn’t a Southern issue, it’s a NATIONAL issue! We can help do this with our scavenger hunt.

Please don’t boycott Gettysburg. Come and help us.

I understand your anger. I truly do. But we’ll never combat this with more ignorance. Someone has to change how they handle this and I’ve chosen to handle it by using education.

I hope you’ll join me.

Danielle Costa