Response to Irish Times


Lara Marlowe writing for the Irish Times does a wonderful job offering an opinion where it wasn’t needed. Her writings and line of thought reflect her Yankee education. She weaves every insult possible into her acid rantings. She paints the South and all it is with a wide brush of ignorance and intolerance. Ms. Marlowe we have heard everything you have written time and time again from an endless line of blue belly authors..  You and your kind seem to go completely deaf any time the truth begins to ring out. Southerners have listened to this festering boil called yankee journalism for decades and we have still responded time and again with truths drawn from their own archives. Yet they continue to demonize anything remotely Southern and they place us in the same box as every
despicable nation that ever existed. Someone without the benefit of education would read these piles of literary manure and deduce the South was the most horrid place on earth. The Holy Yankees continue to march on the backs of Southerners and parade themselves as soldiers of God on a sacred quest. They wear the robes of sinless men and profess their superiority to the masses. They deny any truth which points the finger of responsibility for their sins at them. Ms. Marlowe, take your self righteous attitude and those of your cronies to a place where they more aptly fit…like the darkest corner of hell.

I remain a Compatriot in the Cause,

Eddie Grey