Response to HK
Mr. Demastus, as a native Alabamian I read with interest H.K. Edgerton’s comments about a black county commissioner named Albert Turner in either Marion or Perry County. None of the things H.K. mentioned such as the tactics used in a Black Belt county in Alabama comes as any surprise to me. He should checkout Selma in Dallas County & the black politicians there who oppose the bust of Gen. Forest that was in Live Oak Cemetery until it “mysteriously" went missing.
It really amazes me that so-called black “Civil Rights leaders" today, in too many instances, are even worse than the white supremacist segregationist they replaced in political offices. Not only do some openly confess they wish all whites were gone from their towns / counties as Albert Turner does but, they treat other black citizens in their jurisdictions worse than the klan did & hold them through fear on their new black owned & managed plantations as slaves.
If the black citizens of these areas of Alabama don’t have a chance, then the whites certainly don’t. I would suggest that H.K. and many others contact Obama & Eric Holder’s Department of Justice in Washington D.C. about these terrorist acts committed by black politicians in Alabama’s Black Belt & demand something be done to change it.
However, I doubt anything would be done as black politicians at all levels have learned how to divide the races on every issue to maintain control & power for themselves. The South of today is not different than the South of the pre – 1960`s, the only thing that has changed is the color of the skin of the ruling tyrants.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama