My response to The Spartanburg Herald Journal


Here is my response for the outrageous article printed in the Spartanburg Herald! We need to be Ladies and Gentlemen but we don’t need to let this go unanswered.


Letters to the author:
Letters to the Editor:


Before you print falsehoods about our organization you need to do a little research. You will find that you have insulted and infuriated a large number of the very folks that buy your publication. The SCV is non – racist, anyone regardless of race can be a member if they have Confederate ancestors that served the CSA honorably.

I would suggest that you educate yourself on the history of the SCV and its only purpose " To You Sons Of Confederate Veterans We Submit The Vindication To The Cause For Which We Fought, To Your Strength Will Be Given The Defense Of The Confederate Solders Good Name, A Guardianship Of His History, The Emulation Of His Virtues, The Perpetuation Of The Principals Which He Loved And Made Him Glorious And Which You Also Cherish, Remember It Is Your Duty To See The True History Of The South Is Presented To Future Generations." This is our Charge and our mission statement!

The attacks on CIC Sullivan by your publication was nothing more than politically motivated garbage! I suggest you apologize to CIC Sullivan, The SCV, and the folks in the upstate for slandering his and the SCV’s good name. After all, the upstate is full of decedents of those brave Americans who fought for their independence and to protect their homes and families for the northern invader. You sir have dishonored thousands of Americans for political gain and your disrespect for our areas history and heritage is appalling.

Commander Mark Sheppard
Moses Wood Camp #125
Sons Of Confederate Veterans
Gaffney SC