My Response to Ed Kelly’s attack on The Flag
My response to this idiotic attack
I am sure many of you can do better but I hope it sees print.
The letter comparing the Confederate Battle Flag to the flag of Nazi Germany is a shining example of the ignorance mixed with blind hatred that is all too common in this nation. The Confederate Battle Flag in NO WAY symbolizes racism and was a flag of the soldiers who fought in the bloody WBTS and their belief in the rights of the sovereign states over an all powerful federal regime and to equate it with hangings is beyond the realm of ignorance. Anyone who cares to check will find that for most of existence the KKK flew the US FLAG, the Stars and Stripes at it’s rallies and it was also the Stars and Stripes which flew over the slave ships coming to this nation not to mention the slaughter and mass deportation of Native American Indians and their placement in Concentration Camps during the Trail of Tears. So tell me kind sir, WHICH flag reminds you more of Nazi Germany now?
William Potter