Response to Donaldson
Mr. Demastus and all,
Below is my response to this person whom wishes harm to our beloved Confederacy.  I have tried to open his eyes with facts, but I doubt that he can understand the truth as it really is.
Leon Puissegur
Lt. Commander
General Nathan B Forrest
Camp 1931
Covington, LA.

Mr. Leigh Donaldson,
I find your comments about Confederate history to be a bit too biased to be true.
First let me remind you in case you are not familiar with this, a FREE black man from Virginia went to court to make slavery a viable object. His name was Anthony Johnson and the date was 1654 under BRITISH rule, not any other country rule, BRITISH rule!  Mr. Johnson convinced a BRITISH court that he was entitled to the lifetime servitude of one John Casor, a black man.  Mr. Johnson won the court fight and Mr. John Casor became the first "Legal" slave under BRITISH rule.  slavery grew from here with the ports of Boston, Rhode Island, New York and other NORTHERN ports became the ports of entry for ALL slaves.  this lasted for some 122 years under BRITISH rule before the United States became free, then slavery grew by leaps and bounds under the slave trade from the NORTH in the United States for yet another 89 years under the flag of the United States!
Let me see if you have this now, under BRITISH rule slavery became "LEGAL" by decree of law and this lasted some 122 years under BRITISH rule.
Now for the next 89 years slavery grew under the flag of the United States.
So in total slavery flourished and grew for 211 years under British Rule first then under the rule of the United States!  Now with this stated, how come few if anyone does not find fault with the BRITISH or the UNITED STATES for not just allowing slavery, but making it grow?
Yet most people want to associate slavery with the Confederate nation even though under the Confederate flag slavery DECLINED!!!  And on top of this the Confederacy was only alive for a mere 4 years!
Now how can one say the Confederacy was the problem with slavery when all evidence and proof lies with the BRITISH and UNITED STATES with the legalizing of and growing of slavery?  Once this truth is laid out any information concerning the Confederacy falls far short of making a strong case to support slavery as the cause of the Confederacy when it was the BRITISH that made slavery legal and the UNITED STATES that allowed it to grow for 211 years!
Maybe this is where you should be directing your anger, not at the Confederacy that, as Obama states, inherited the problem.  Had the United States stopped slavery at the onset as asked to be done by Thomas Jefferson, from Virginia, then none of this would have developed.  But the "masters" from Boston and other Northern ports of call were making too much money on slave trade and the rum that they would get to give it up just to begin a new nation.  So with that consideration being given, it is the fault of both the BRITISH and the UNITED STATES for allowing slavery to be made "legal" and kept alive!
I do hope that this clears your mind on this matter, but as with most whom have such a strong hate for what they perceive as being bad, I doubt that you would be open to seeing that two other nations were the ones whom not just made slavery Legal, but made it grow!
Leon Puissegur