Response to David Julian Cate


Lost Cause… Those of us who have a Southern heritage feel a sadness mixed with a twinge of anger when the Cause our ancestors sacrificed to uphold is referred to as a lost one. Losing a war, and losing the Cause it was built upon, are two unmixable ideas. The Cause our ancestors defended could not be destroyed by war. The only possibility for the Cause to be lost is for those noble ideas we shed blood for ,to be forgotten. This subject of our struggle is the single most written works in mankind’s existence. No other spot in all of time has
been researched and examined more than our fight for independence from a tyrant. In countless forums the battles and stories are replayed again and again with a seemingly never ending flow of interest by a wide
variety of groups throughout society. The flow extends to a multitude of nations and cultures worldwide. Taking consideration that our Cause been recorded in libraries and collections around the planet, it is safe to say the Cause has not been, nor ever will be lost. The Cause is an idea that a nation of people can freely decide their own fate. Those peoples without threat of force, may chose by whom it is to be ruled.  The right of a free nation of civilized peoples to fight for it’s existence is a noble and just cause . History has recorded our fight to be ruled by a choice we had made , and that Cause will not be forgotten for many generations. It is acceptable to purpose that should humankind survive another million years, our history may be lost. Until the last piece of literature ,or the last person to carry one thought of the South’s struggle ,has ceased to be on this planet ,will that day
come. Here in this writing are facts many of our opposers will deny.  Many say lost and then wage literary war against that which they claim to not be. Yet if the Cause had been lost, what piece of history would they attempt to eradicate then? The endeavor our ancestors attempted has become history. No offense against that eternal inscription can erase it’s volumes of facts. The Southern people who have learned the history they have inherited understand, the factions that would have eliminated every living human in the South , have their own descendants who carry on the evil wrought by their forefathers. We see the hatred in the words they write and speak and regardless of the foulness of their accusations, we stand firm knowing the truth remains on our side. I reiterate one fact. If the Cause is a lost one, why do the Neo-Lincolnites continue to fire one broadside after another at our
lines? I want to assure all who read these words that the Cause is not lost. The history of our ancestors is undeniable and untouchable by those who would twist the truth or engage in perversions attributable to
it. Time alone will be the final judgment on our history. The words of our enemy carry no weight on the effort for independence our men in gray stood for. Their actions and the reasons they stood against overwhelming
odds will sing throughout all eternity of the noble Cause they endured to preserve. We Southerners who are connected to those who fought ,glady accept the honor of maintaining those truths forever. The only lost
cause in this battle is the effort of our detractors to change what cannot be changed.

I remain, a Compatriot in the Cause

Eddie Grey