Response to "Burn that Flag" In Box
This is my wife’s response to:
You’ll have to explain to me why secession is treason. I don’t see it that way at all.
As for 350,000 Union soldiers losing their lives, well consider this: the Union under Lincoln could have waved goodbye to the seceding states (which at the time did not include Virginia) and issued a proclamation to blacks to "come on up!" and homestead land the government confiscated from the Plains Indians to give to the railroads. In fact, had that land been sold at a fair market value instead of being given to the RRs in a move than can only be described as fascist, there would have been sufficient monies to purchase the freedom of every black slave in Dixie, compensation slave owners had received when Britain outlawed the practice circa 1820s and for which Southern slave owners asked as well. That certainly would have been less expensive than the over $6 billion ($9 billion by the time war pensions were paid out in 1906) and 350K dead that prosecuting the war cost!
So calling Southerners ‘traitors’ and oath breakers is disingenuous at best. This was a fight between the Hamiltonian vision of the US (an empire ruled by an aristocracy)and the Jeffersonian vision of small farms and independent craftsmen making a living without coercion or interference from the likes of bankers and politicians. The South declined to partake of the imperial vision; the rank and file Southron citizen was appalled that its soil was being invaded by those with no clue about what was really going on.
So according to your rationale, we should rejoin Britain. The Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Poles and Finns are ungrateful rubes who are traitors for resisting Russian hegemony and communism. You have learned your lessons from "Uncle Joe" Stalin: call names and cast aspersions. Bravo.
Davis Mauldin