In response to bigotry in Odum
Mr. Dixon~
I’ve already written two lengthy letters to you explaining my upbringing, my hatred of socialism and its evils, my loathing of reverse racism, the attack on the Stars & Bars, etc., but I deleted them because I don’t have to explain myself to you.
I’m writing to you now because your letter to SCV brethren berating the City of Odum needs clarification, and because there are folks out there who have taken you at your word and are understandably upset as I would be, and they need the truth, because I believe they are good people and wouldn’t have sent the mail/faxes they did if they had full disclosure.
No one appreciates being accused of something they didn’t do, but what’s even worse is being accused of something that is the total antithesis of who and what you are.
FACT- You never approached, informed, or asked permission of the City of Odum to place flags on property that is not yours. FACT- The flags were not “confiscated”, they were simply removed BECAUSE they were on DOT right-away. FACT- Neither the mayor, staff or councilmen of Odum had ANY IDEA what these flags represented because SOMEONE dropped the ball and failed that responsibility. FACT- The flags were returned only 30 or 40 minutes after they were taken down (to a fellow who was very rude to our female clerks), and only then did they learn what the purpose of the flags were (I found out two days later). FACT- Mayor Mansfield doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, and particularly not against whites or southerners. This accusation is not only nonsensical, it’s ridiculous! This is the deep south sir, not Yankee Florida!
You jumped to the conclusion that the Mayor had the flags taken down for reasons beyond his responsibility as Mayor (racism. bigotry, hatred). You then make another huge leap into “conspiracy-land” and also blame the Council for the Mayors decision as though we were all in collusion! WE HAD NO CLUE! We work for a living! We don’t hang around City Hall drinking coffee and waiting for the phone to ring or to watch who comes in! In fact, I’m the only one on the council who even WORKS in Odum.
If you would have made the simplest effort to inform the city of what you wanted to do before you went ahead and did it, I would have been your strongest protagonist, especially because I’m a steadfast supporter of the Stars & Bars as well as the “Don’t tread on me” flag (I sell the bumper sticker at my shop), but as you have proved, it’s easier to hurl false accusations after the fact than to accept responsibility for protocol ignored. The repercussions from this issue that you have created out of whole-cloth are at YOUR feet sir.
I’m speaking only for myself. I have no idea whether any of the other council-people knew anything about this before you wrote your letter filled with vile innuendo and libelous accusations, but I, at least until now, had the utmost respect for the SCV and even a higher respect for the Confederate Battle Flag. My respect for the flag will never dwindle, but I have lost all respect for your particular group if they are anything like yourself. By the way, If ANYONE should harbor any lingering offense regarding this gross and irrational misunderstanding, it should be Mr. Harry’s widow, but in fact, she has met with the Mayor and was every bit the example of diplomacy and went away from the discourse completely content and satisfied that no harm was either done or intended. Maybe you should attempt communication?
Neither the Mayor nor any of the Council are “bigots”, “hate filled”, “racists” or harbor ANY ingrained “disrespect” for “southerners. The very thought that whites would hate whites or southerners would hate southerners is moronic. In fact, if this wasn’t so sad, it would be funny… you know, like a Michael Moore film.  I wish you would channel your energies towards REAL racists… like Obama and his administration, or are you a fan of his?
Again… if you would have taken 2 minutes out of your busy schedule to inform the City of your intentions regarding the flags and WHAT THEY WERE FOR, I promise you they would not only have been left alone until you were ready to take them down, but I PERSONALLY would have propped them up better, because when I saw them on my way to my shop that morning, both were bent over and touching the ground. (I actually came back to do that anyway, but they were gone).
Councilman David Paul Titus