Re: A Response to a Yankee
I am a child of the reconstructionist South. Though I was not heavily invested towards hating my Southern heritage, I was, nevertheless, encouraged to hide who I was. Thus, if when someone new came to my hometown of Pahokee Fla., along the SE coast of Lake Okeechobee, and by way of meeting me, thusly remarked, "You don’t sound like you are from there", I most likely replied something in the affirmative. So I hated who I was (a Southerner), and where I was from (the South), without really knowing why.
It was with great pride I received the remark that I did not sound like I was from there. Conversely, I would have received with great shame the comment "I sounded like I WAS from there".
That was then, this is now. I was a young, ignorant teen then, I am a grown, mature man now. Now, I embrace and proclaim my Southern heritage with MUCH justifiable pride. I champion the cause of the South as the cause of us all.  I Am The South!!  It would do well for us all to so proclaim. I AM THE SOUTH!!!
Jimmy L. Shirley Jr.