Response to SFC article Shades of gray



Here is my letter to the Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle protesting against Caille Millner´s article against Confederate History Month, "Shades of Gray". I strongly recommend not to write to the author as she will probably delete your E-mails without reading them. Its more effective to express protest to the Editor, with a correct letter. Remember the Editor can have a talk with the columnist if he thinks she has hurt too many sensibilities, you can’t. A flood of E-mails to the Editor is always better.

Dear Sir,

May I first say that your newspaper is read also in Europe in the Internet version and I am not American but German, living in Spain. Last Monday, April 14 in your newspaper appeared the article "Shades of Gray", by your columnist Mrs. Caille Millner writing about Confederate Heritage Month:

It is a big surprise for Europeans to see again and again not only lack of History knowledge in some writers, but also quite aggressive attitudes against the former Confederacy, almost all based on prejudice and nonsense. I wont go into this unfortunate tendencies now, just comment a very deplorable topic that has become standard propaganda issue for many authors/journalists – or whatever they may be. Mrs. Millner says:

"Could you see the city of Berlin deciding it was time for Nazi History Appreciation Month."

This comparison is highly offensive to both the American Veterans who fought most nobly on the Confederate side and their descendants, but also for Germans like myself, who were freed by the American War effort 1944-45. Did your writer know that Generals Eisenhower and Patton had greatest admiration for General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Army – and respect for Confederate ideals? Eisenhower and Patton are the men who crushed the Nazis.

Did your writer know that the highest ranking American general killed in action in WWII was Simon B. Buckner (Okinawa, Pacific Front, 1945), proud son of a Confederate General himself? These men are among the best of America and Mrs. Millner has the freedom of writing her nonsense today because these men fought and lived with their ideals. But Mrs. Millner should keep in mind that to give written testimonial of the own imbecility is part of freedom of speech – telling lies and besmirching the honor of others is not.

Yours most sincerely,

Raphael Waldburg zeil


Always cc the author too so he/she will know the editor is being complained to.