Response Needed To Anti-Confederate Articles
To: All SHNV Patriots
Please respond to these attacks (posted below) on Confederate Heritage if you have not already done so. Facts to use as ammunition is that the United States of America carried out the genocide of millions of Native American Indians under the U.S. flag–the Stars and Stripes as well as the murder of 50 million babies by abortion and prior to these atrocities, the murder of 50,000 Southern civilians during the War Of Northern Aggression 1861-65. So who are the real terrorists? Those who support and defend the U.S.A. and the U.S. flag and at the same time berate and disparage and condemn the South and the Confederacy are blatant hypocrites. There are plenty of positive things to write about concerning both nations (U.S.A. and C.S.A.) with no need for the negative. The C.S.A. and the Old South that preceded it was a classical civilization with colleges and universities, art and literature, world class architecture, and world class statesmen and politics.
Lincoln contributed $100 to John Brown’s terrorist raid on Harpers Ferry Virginia in 1859 (As stated by Lincoln’s law partner Herndon). 68 members out of 117 members of U.S. Congress in the Republican party signed onto a Republican platform advocating terrorism against the Southern states based on the book "THE IMPENDING CRISIS (a terrorist manifesto) by Hinton Helper prior to John Brown’s raid.
As early as 1854 New England terrorists had formed immigration aid societies and sent terrorists to Kansas including John Brown who committed many murders.
Finally, most slaves in the South were treated fairly and not abused and some were treated so well that they considered themselves superior to poor whites. In the South a slave was taken care of from birth to death and most had single family housing and better food to eat than the working whites in the North. In the North poor white immigrants were worked 18 hours a day in factories and lived in slum multi-family housing. They were paid low wages and signed onto labor contracts so they couldn’t quit. Children in some Northern factories were chained to work stations while overseers cracked whips over their heads. Then when the workers got old and infirm they were fired. It is a historical fact that thousands of old people were living homeless on the streets of the industrial cities of the North. In many ways the Southern system of labor was more moral than the Northern system.
James W. King
Albany Georgia
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Please go to the link below and respond after reading the article which minimizes and discredits SCV.  You may contact the author of this Anti-Confederate article Kevin Levin by e-mail at and you may also post a comment on his blog.