From: Georgia Flagger <>
Date: Wed, Jun 22, 2011

[FlagFight] Re: Macon mayor responds to Dodge County confederate flag controversy

Dear Mr. Patrick Davis,

Greetings! My name is Billy Bearden, and I, like you, Macon Mayor Reichert, and most everyone involved in this Dodge County issue do not reside in Dodge County. But I, like you have an opinion about it.

Your above referenced article was brought to my attention this morning, and after reading it a few times, I felt the necessity to use some internet ink to communicate, as did you.

Please allow me a few moments to discuss some of the points where I would disagree with you, that you are wrong, and some general clarification of the misinterpretation of historical facts included therein your piece.

1st, I see you spend quite a few paragraphs describing the racial makeup of the mayor and the residents of Bibb and Macon and Dodge and Eastman. I personally do not believe that race should be an issue on any matter. I reckon that came from stuff I had heard growing up about the content of charicter, not color of skin, although I am aware that in some segments of society, certain elements still desire to view everything thru the prism of raciality. That seems to be ‘politics of the past’ and quite devisive.

However, I digress.

In your 8th paragraph, you state "In Macon and Bibb County , it is not likely a Confederate flag will ever be put outside the Bibb County Courthouse…"

Sir, I have a picture of almost that very thing. Some people who do not understand history might not be aware, but in September 2006, flying over the Macon City Hall is 3 Confederate flags, courtesy of former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis. I cannot find any media coverage related to any world ending events related to the flying of those 3 flags in Macon from 9/06. nor is any news eminating from Eastman about the massive loss of life or altering of the space-time continuum regarding the Dodge County Memorial Flag.

Perhaps you are privvy to a story or two where someone has been denied any rights – civil or Constitutional – directly tied to the Dodge Flag since it began flying at the monument. Could you please share it with me?

In paragraph #13, you report "Dodge County Commission Chairman Dan McCranie is embracing the pending legal fight over the 1956 Confederate flag being displayed at the Courthouse as if he and others are trying to re-enact the Civil War and the Jim Crow era "

There is not now nor ever has been an object created called "the 1956 Confederate Flag", but some people who do not understand history might mistakenly refer to the previous 1956 – 2001 Georgia State Flag that way.

The only time in history that version State Flag flew at the Dodge County Courthouse was from July 1956 – January 2001. It is not among any issues related to the story of which you write. Perhaps you are simply confused?

Don’t feel alone in your flag confusion, it happens to others as well! Just look at Dodge County NAACP President Mr. John Battle’s statement: “Look at the lynchings and beatings and how they used that flag as a scare tactic”

There is NO historically documented evidence, either photographic, verbal nor written that any person ever lynched by the KKK – white or black – was so victimized under a Confederate Flag. There are such examples of those crimes committed under the US Stars and Stripes.

Furthermore, Jim Crow took place in America under the United States Flag, and yes, it is that very same flag that does in fact fly today over the Dodge County Courthouse – and over the Courthouse in Bibb, and Macon, and every public building in America. Your apparent confusion over what flag to be upset about is in fact, very confusing!

I would like to hear more about those Macon citizens who were denied rights under the September 2006 due to the 3 Confederate flags that flew over city hall! Please reply ASAP.

Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden
Ecclesiastes 10:2