From: Still Karen
Date: Wed, Mar 23, 2011

[Ohio Copperheads Gray Ghost Battalion] Why I Love and Have Great Respect for the Confederacy
To: Dewey Barber <>

First, because I love our Constitution. The Constitution puts limits on the Federal Government so if something is not in there the States are suppose to deal with it themselves, to my understanding. I am a thinking person and I try not to let my emotions get away from me, so slavery should have been dealt with by the States. Not the Federal Government. All of those men and women did not have to die to free the slaves.

The South stood up for what they knew was the right thing to do. They fought tyranny just as Washington fought tyranny with King George, there is no difference to me. I’m getting tired of typing but I am so many feelings and Love for the Confederacy and this is the only place that I know of who would understand. I so Love and Respect the Strenght of Strong Men and Women no matte what color they are. Only the strong survive and I pray that I am among the strong who do..

Deo Vindice my Confederate Brothers and Sisters..