Respect those who fly the Confederate flag ‘with pride’

The South is the Bible belt, so the St. Andrew’s cross was placed in our Confederate flags as a Christian symbol to fight against the Northern states of aggression, invasion and taxation of the people to be free from the North. The 13 stars in the St. Andrew’s cross stand for the 12 apostles plus one for Jesus. The South adopted the cross and 13 stars for the states of the Confederate States of America.

This cross has nothing to do with slavery and is not offensive.

The flag has been burned, stomped on and ripped to sheds. It’s also been lied about by some to what it stood for then and as to what it really represents today. Even so, this flag is still honored by those who know the truth.

On April 17, 2001, 488,630 people, including my family and me, voted to keep our beautiful state flag. I don’t understand why some people find the St. Andrew’s cross on our state flag so offensive.

The flag issue is over, so I advise people to move on and get over it. They will never get rid of the Confederate symbol, no matter how hard they try. It will never die. It’s our history and heritage of the South.

I fly this flag with pride on my property and always will.

I respect those who do the same.

Robert Crook is right on the majority rules of our state flag ("Accept majority vote on Miss. flag," Nov. 16). It’s none of the NCAA’s business about our state flag or any other state flag.

Yes, there are foreign vehicles, tires, etc., resting on public property that is paid for with our tax dollars. Our tax dollars are used to buy foreign products of all kinds.

You would be surprised at what the government does with our tax dollars. There’s no end to what they do with our tax dollars.