Resolution regarding SCV license plates


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am not a resident of KY but I have been to the Bluegrass State on many occasions.  In 1983, then Gov. John Y Brown commissioned me as a KY Colonel.  I have always valued that honor and continue to support the group.  My own state of SC has issued SCV license plates with our International Logo as the identifying characteristic along with the words Sons of Confederate Veterans.

As a life member of the organization, I purchased my plate and continue to renew it each time it is required.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans honors the men who served in the Confederate States Army and militias during that time of trial and tribulation in our nation’s history.  They served honorably and fought to protect their homes and families from the hazards of Union armies.  Unfortunately, many gave their supreme sacrifice, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for a cause in which they believed.  I have seven ancestors who served and
sacrificed in the war.  I honor them on every available opportunity.  I will continue to do so and to instill the same heritage in my son and daughter, my grandsons and my great grandsons.

I, myself, served honorably in the US Army and US Navy many years ago.  I know what sacrifice can be demanded by one’s country.  As such, I would encourage you to reconsider your opposition to the request from the SCV to obtain a KY license plate.

Respectfully submitted,

Col. Vic Phillips
Florence, SC