Flag represents resistance to oppressive central government

Regarding the editorial "The South’s revenge" and accompanying Confederate flag cartoon with Republican party logos instead of stars (Oct. 7):

By comparing today’s representatives from the Southern states to the Confederacy of a century-and-a-half past, by depicting its battle flag, you fail to consider that if left to their own peacefully intended and legally implied voluntary withdrawal from the Union, there would have been only seven states in the Confederacy. Only an illegal, unjust and unconstitutional war caused additional states to join the Confederacy, including Missouri.



That flag represents resistance to an oppressive central government — the same reason we rebelled from England. Its design is that of the St. Andrew cross and of its religious context, and has been used by a number of countries at different times to represent resistance to oppression.

Your intended dig at the Republican party is actually a compliment to it, to those who know its true history, and I shouldn’t be surprised it the Republican Party takes up your idea and uses it.

Bob Arnold
St. Peters