Dear Dixie Outfitters:

My name is Ashley T, and I am 13 years old. I recently had a disagreement because one of my teachers didn’t approve of my shirts. So I sat her down and told her that I was sorry but nothing was going to change and it hasn’t. You see, I’m the only one (maybe out of a dozen) of people at my school who had the guts to stand up to her (yes she was african).

But to her it was a shirt and to me it was my heritage. I have roughly 9 Confederate flag shirts. I logged on to your website and saw a shirt that I really liked. It was listed under a "school protest shirt". It said, "You can make me change my shirt, but I’ll never change my mind."

I’m just trying to preserve my heritage because there are few confederates left. I’m not trying to offend anyone (and I apologized to the teacher), but if someone offends me then I’ll say something. I was born and raised this way.

I’m very proud of my Confederate ancestors as well as my heritage. Before I conclude my letter, I want to say that you are a great company. Furthermore, I would like to request a catalog so I can stay proud. Thank you so much. (Also if the catalog isn’t free, I will pay cash if that’s how it is)

Ashley T

Please help me defend the South