Request for Research Information
I was wondering if anyone has any resource information on the following subjects:
1. I was reviewing transcripts of Glenn Beck’s "Black Founders" show. He said that when he was at the Museum of the Confederacy that he got a chance to see the original Confederate Constitution and that it had on it, the words, "The Slave Holding Confederate States of America". I have seen reprints of the Constitution, and have never seen or heard of such a thing. I have not, however, seen any photos of the actual, original document. Does anyone know if his claim is true?
2. In that same show, both Beck and David Barton claimed that the Confederacy was for slaveholding states only and that free states were not allowed to join. I remember differently. Somewhere I remember reading that the Confederate government or Confederate Congress debated this issue and that the vote, although close, was decided in favor of allowing free states to join if they so chose. I also remember hearing that Alexander Stephens led the fight to allow free states to join. Does anyone happen to have any detailed information on this subject? 
Bill Vallante