From: torpenhow@charter.net
I was contacted this morning (Thursday) by a Columbia SC TV station with a most strangely and unintentionally tricky question: the gal wanted to know which SC state legislators I consider to be in accord with our pro-flag stance. She wants to interview some — but tragicomically enough I can’t name a single one that is known to be reliable and true-blue on the never-ending SC Confederate flag issue.
***Does anybody out there have intelligence to offer in this matter? Please call me right away at 864-356-9966. Doesn’t matter how meager your info may appear to you — I want it all.***
I consulted 3 of the main people I’ve been working in the Southern Cause with, and none could name a positively known pro-flagger in state House or state Senate either. One asserted that all Republicans and some Democrats can be counted on to voice opposition against any new vote on the flag if only because (a) they don’t want another big ruckus over it and (b) it’s an election year. That’s good news of a sort — shows we’ve at least cowed the politicians — but we do need to know what each SC legislator (basically without exception) is made of, since the issue never goes away and Gov. Sanford has less than a year remaining in office.
For all his faults, Sanford has blessedly stonewalled the NAACP for his seven-plus years in office — and the pattern is that he’s the only one to do so since the ruckus began in earnest 15+ years ago.
THANK YOU….. /\/.\/\/.