Report on my meeting with Ringgold’s City Manger

Report on my meeting with Ringgold’s City Manger "Dan Wright," he spoke for the council. I presented him with a request to rally at the depot or front of the courthouse. He said they were concerned about the depot because it may be rented that day, the courthouse would require permission from the county. He then said they would let us rally on a side street… Of course, I told him it would not do and instead we would march in the right of way back and forth on downtown streets….. His mouth dropped open and said, that will cost the city too much to control traffic. I then said, the depot or courthouse starting to sound better, ain’t it. He smiled and said the city would provide ample parking for us behind city hall. Saying our permit would be approved and "he" would contact the courthouse about using the sidewalk there and he saw no trouble.

He was to draft the permit today and mail it to us ASAP…. I still must wait for the location depot, courthouse or right of way. Either way, Ringgold NCP Rally is on…. April 26, 2008 12pm-4pm.

Southron, join us in Ringgold to honour our heroes, let us make it a rally they won’t forget!!!

I also wish to thank all of y’all that called, mailed and E-mailed… Dan said his E-mail and phones were flooded! He also asked me to tell my Friends he ain’t no yankee scallywag and he was born in Chickamauga, Georgia!

Again, God bless y’all for you response to our call for help!