Daily Report From HK Edgerton & His March To The Hunley In Charleston, SC

Friday 3/19: Today HK marched only six miles, but he started early so he could return the car graciously provided by the SLRC back to Kirk Lyons. He plans to march again on Saturday along with his brother, Terry Lee and his children.

Thursday 3/18: HK marched to just east of Spartanburg today with many supporters along the way. Even a newspaper reporter helped him get back to his car and he marched with several women and children today. Even a local sheriff dropped by to tell HK how his African-American church was named after a former Confederate soldier who originally donated the land for the church building. While HK marched around 14 miles today, his total was 22 miles as he had to double back to earlier in the day to get his car. Later the reporter helped him back the second time. Please join HK and contribute to his march through the SLRC at www.slrc-csa.org Note there is an honest and fair story today in the Spartanburg newspaper but you will need to register with the newspaper site to read it. The title is "Flag-carrying crusader walks for a reason."

Link: http://www.goupstate.com/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage