My response to Glenn Franco Simmons at the Eureka reporter



Since you mentioned no woman has replied to your article, am I now the first? Many Southern, and some Northern people disagree with your views. We are not racist; the flag to us means states rights and a smaller centralized government. We can’t control what the neo-cons do or that the KKK flies the battle flag. The KKK also flies the Christian Flag and the Stars and Stripes. Should we then go into churches and remove the Christian Flag or into government buildings and the like and remove Old Glory? How can you say that the "11 treacherous" dedicated themselves to the destruction of the union, when in reality, it was dishonest abe and his cronies who did every considerable thing possible to stomp on the Constitution? I could give you example after example of this but, like so many others who are not from the South, you will believe what you have been brainwashed into believing. We know the stories that have been handed down from generation to generation of the "God-awful suffering" thanks to good ol abe. I hope he’s tap dancing in hell. By the way, ask yourself this. When a nation is conquered, who writes their "official politically correct" history? You can stand in your glass house and throw rocks all day long, but until you know the truth, don’t throw them at us.

Proud Southern Woman since 1970