Bill Schleuning, Myrtle Beach, SC says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
11 August 2nd, 2008


I congratulate you on a very well written article which you, and some of your supporters above have absolutely no idea about. I must also commend CMouse and Pete for your well thought ideas, and knowledge, which you have tried to convey to this naive neophyte, and the other aborigines. My compliments to the other 6 also. Gentlemen, what we have read is proof positive of the total break downof the “edumacation,” system in Indiana! I also thank you for your comments, because you have stated so succinctly and truthfully what I was going to write.

Kevin, with all the problems we have in America right now, what set you off on the “battle flag?”

Kevin, I am going to give you a little diatribe, and then leave you with some words of wisdom. You are woefully lacking in history and social grace. I am a 58 year old Yankee who came South and kept my mouth shut, and learned, and got an education. I really didn’t need the education because I already got the education from Franciscan Nuns, especially one from the South that had a “bent,” if you know what I mean. This was not a Civil War; it was an un- constitutional War of Northern Aggression! You know with the Internet, and Google…you can learn so much. Open your mind! I leave you with the words of wisdom;

“As you are, I was; as I am, you will be.”
Sonny Barger.
Hell’s Angels.