My reply to the University Herald.
Here we go again with another spineless, PC, rewritten-history-indoctrinated turncoat who is taking part in the cultural genocide of the Southern people and our heritage. If this were being done to any other group of people, it would not be tolerated, but because it is waged against Southerners and Southern heritage, it is deemed to be acceptable. What about the many proud black Confederate soldiers who fought for the same things their white counterparts fought for?  You want to appease a few mislead and lied to blacks of today, but what about THEIR ancestors who fought to keep out an illegal invasion?  But then, they don’t know about that because they have not been exposed to the truth but only to the yankee myths taught in the communist indoctrination centers (public schools) for 150 years.  The imperialist yankee nation must stamp out any and all symbols of pride and independence from the people of the South because they can’t have anyone thinking for themselves and wanting self-government and individual freedom, which is what those brave Confederates, black and white, were fighting for. If slavery is the hot button in all of this, then what about the FREE BLACKS who owned slaves and worked them?  What about Lincoln’s wife, General U.S. Grant, General William T. Sherman, and other Union officers who owned slaves? But you say the war was about ending slavery.  No, it was not.  Why would over 90% of non slave-owning Confederate soldiers fight for something they had no interest in?  It was about the collection of excessive tariffs from the LEGALLY seceded Southern states, and Lincoln stated so.  All this yankee propaganda for 150 years has brainwashed generations and covered over the truth with tons of lies.  Even letters from Union officers and soldiers support what the South has said all along. The continual attack on symbols of heritage and history has to stop.  People must be educated with the truth and learn that there is nothing wrong with Col. Reb, Ole Miss, the Confederate Battle Flag, Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, or any other symbol of Confederate pride.  The CSA was illegally invaded for money and plundered by the evil US government, and its people treated like sub-humans ever since. The truth is the truth regardless of what the communists teach in the schools and universities, and it is easy enough to research and uncover.  Giving in and appeasing to “offended” groups is not the answer.  Educating the indoctrinated is the answer.
Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK