My Reply to Ross Franklin
Chuck here is my reply to Ross Franklin regarding  A TRUE ESTIMATE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN & Vindication of the South.

We are not re – fighting the “Civil” we are protecting what precious little we have left by presenting the true facts. Because you live in the South does this give you some special insight to the War for Southern Independence or Lincoln? I too live in the South and if you want to book bets I bet I live farther South than you. For what ever that is worth. Perhaps the people you talk to either chose not to discuss Lincoln or know nothing about him. Of course you just told us how much you know about Lincoln in your ”greatest American” statement. Glad you think so much of the man considering he provoked a war that cost more American lives than any war in history. Maybe it is his trampling allover the constitution that makes you think so highly of him, perhaps it is his racist views? This type of message is only a waste of time to those who are to closed minded to learn and is not as divisive as the NAACP, Black History Month, Congressional Black Caucus, Black Coaches Association or even Barack Obama’s “religious” views.
George Purvis
Vice President
Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education (SHAPE)