My reply to Pam Halliday, in the Walker County Messenger, LaFayette, GA, SHNV


In response to the letter from Pam Halliday, LaFayette, the war must not yet be over, Ms. Halliday, because God is still recruiting for the Confederacy. I became a Christian in 1985 with a conversion experience that many around me said was nothing less than remarkable. Two years ago, the Spirit of God gave me opportunity to have a very similar experience when He drew me to the Cause of the Confederacy.

A native Virginian, I am now seriously planning for relocation to South Carolina. In the meanwhile, I am but one of a growing number of Southern apologists, proud of their heritage, who respond in columns just like this one.

You may have been born in an area that is geographically considered to be in the South, and you may have learned to drink your tea sweet. However, until you come to fully educate yourself on the Cause of the South, and take a public stand for it, you will never be a Southerner.

Alexander Stephens, vice president of the Confederate States of America, said that one of these days, the Cause of the South would become the cause of us all. All you have to do to join the Cause is to oppose empire-building, or oppose sustainable development, or oppose NEA-directed outcome-based public education, or any number of other areas where Federal, state and local governments have grossly overstepped their bounds.

May our Lord bless your day!