My Reply to Mr Trejblas



As you denounce our proud Southern heritage in the typical smug manner that anti-southern zealots use, I wonder what banner you cherish.

Perhaps you wave Ol’ Glory? Perhaps I am offended by the genocide committed against my people by the government represented by your candy striped rag. I am Cherokee/Creek and my ancestors fought in the Confederacy along with the Five Tribes, free blacks, slave blacks, Hispanics, Jewish and a slew of other so called minorities.

If the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and hate it is only because of narrow minded and arrogant bigots such as yourself Mr. Trejblas.

The banner that brought slavery to this nation was not that of the Confederacy but the candy striped rag that flew over those who slaughtered my ancestors, moved them off their land and watched them die along the Trail of Tears.

As you point your arrogant, smug finger at my heritage and the symbols that represent it, perhaps you should look at the very banner you hold so dear and decide which one truly represents Freedom and which one represents hate, murder and genocide.

Eric Meadows