My Reply to McAdoo’s article


‘Gone with the Wind’
More commentary from the guy who wants to "dynamite Stone Mountain"

My Reply:

Dear Sir,

First I would like to thank you for confirming for me that most people who live outside the South look at us with contempt. I am university educated which doesn’t really mean great deal in the scheme of things but it does mean I have met many people like yourself sir, even in the South who just don’t want to see the whole truth, just the part that suits their purposes.

Yes the Palmetto State in the name of the Confederacy did fire on Ft. Sumter, but only after secession which was followed up by a notice to Union forces inside that the fort now belonged to the people of South Carolina after she left the union. And not one union soldier was killed during the siege. The issue of slavery is a convenient excuse for invading your own country and murdering your own people. Was slavery an abomination? Most certainly. Could it have been ended with out bloodshed? Most certainly, every other civilized country in the world ended slavery with out civil war, this country could have also, but Mr. Lincoln took the path of suspending the Constitutional rights of Southerners and invaded his own country.

The issue of the abuse of slaves is also over done. Aside from the fact slavery itself is abhorrent, the murder, rape and overall abuse of the slaves was the exception rather than the rule. You and others like you fail to mention that slaves felt quite close to their owners and in many cases were made to feel like part of the family and were treated no differently than the rest. But I suppose it is alright to ignore these facts to make your point sir. Don’t feel bad, because sadly you are not alone.

I am a descendant of Confederate Veterans on both sides of my family and no one in my family ever owned a slave much like the other ninety percent of Southerners who fought for the Confederacy and never fought to continue the institution of slavery. What they did fight for was right for each sovereign state to be able to live as they saw fit with out the oppression of a hostile and aggressive central government infringing on their Constitutional and States Rights.

Both sides are equally at fault for war crimes? I beg to differ. No sworn commissioned or non-commissioned officer of the Confederate States of America ever conducted the murdering, raping and arsonist campaign of the likes of Sherman’s "March to the Sea" and that is but one case if you car to look at this objectively instead of with a built in disdain. I am positive this letter, if even you finish it prior to deleting it, will make no difference to you or your ilk, but it may cause someone to look in to the history of Lincoln’s terrible war for them selves and look at both sides objectively.


Clay Smith {North Carolina}

"The Southern Cause"