Reply to John McCormick – Detroit News
Your point was read and taken with absolutely no seriousness except to say we don’t care how they do it up North.
For the past 140 years we have been infiltrated by the Northern species and with them they brought an arrogance and determination to change our way of life. That has happened to a certain extent if you include crime, pollution, secular beliefs, higher taxes and a desire to rid this region of their proud history.
As a union member I hope Detroit can recover but not thru bailouts , rather a chapter 11 plan which will reel in the big spenders which dominate the industry.
You have ruined your Northern landscape and way of doing business and now you want to teach us how to live.  HELL NO.
We should have armed the borders decades ago with return North visas.
Happy New Year and God Save the South!
Michael Herring
Son of the South
Brandon, Florida