Reply to Heath Grimes


Dear Mr. Grimes,

Your opinion of the Confederate Flag, and what it stands for, is very much skewed due to the liberal indoctrination of our rewritten history which has been forced on everyone for 150 years. I am a member of the SCV (Sons of Confederate Veterans) and we do not condone the misuse of our flag by hate groups, but the flag has NEVER stood for, or represented anything other than an illegally invaded nation fighting for the very same reasons our ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War; freedom from an overbearing government, and the right to self government. It was not fought over slavery, as the PC crowd, NAACP, Hollywood, and the lamestream media have portrayed. “Reconstruction” was the birth of racial tensions, and it was by design, perpetrated by the conquering Yankees.

It is absolutely wrong when a people cannot display the symbols of their heritage without being lambasted as being “racists”. It is wrong to suspend students for displaying a heritage symbol, and symbol that both white and black soldiers fought and died under. I would wager that there are black students in your school that display African colors, or MLK paraphernalia, but they are not suspended for this. Tolerance has become a one way street in this country. If it offends a minority, it can’t be tolerated, but if it offends the majority, it doesn’t matter because they have to be “tolerant”.

It is time for a True History lesson. You will find numerous such lessons on the CD which I have enclosed for your learning pleasure. I do hope that you will take the time, with an open mind, to review this material and see just how wrong the “history” books are on this subject.  It is time to put all this lying about our flag and our history behind us, and correct the rewritten history and teach the truth. The lies are put forth to divide, and this they have done. Let’s be a part of turning this around and restoring the honor due our flag and those who fought under it.

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK