Some of you may already know that SB43, a bill to add Lincoln to the State Holiday for Washington’s birthday in Virginia was killed yesterday. This is good news!


Senate Joint Resolution 131 has been introduced in lieu of Senate Bill 43. It will establish February 12 as “Lincoln Day” in the Commonwealth. It does not go to the Governor for approval, so there’s no amendment or veto. Once agreed to by House and Senate, it will be up to Senator Marsh’s committee, the Lincoln Society of Virginia, and others to request that the Governor create the appropriate proclamation and urge appropriate commemorations.


In addition…

HB 527 Establishes the Virginia Slave Commission in the legislative branch of state government for the purpose of addressing contemporary political, economic, educational, and societal issues and public policies whose roots lie in the transatlantic slave trade.

The Commission, among other things, must (i) identify the vestiges and assess the effects of the transatlantic slave trade on African Americans, the Commonwealth, and modern societal problems and public policies, (ii) explore and showcase the contributions of African Americans in building Virginia and the nation, (iii) determine the educational and economic value to the Commonwealth of preserving sites and facilities of historic and archaeological significance to African American culture and contributions, and (iv) recommend feasible and appropriate options to resolve lingering societal problems whose roots lie in slavery. Patron Del. McQuinn.

Immediate Action Required…

* Flood the phone/email of the house and Senate. Tell them to vote no on Senate Joint Resolution 131 and HB 527!

* Spread the word! Forward this email and encourage others to do the same.

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No Confederate History and Heritage month, but Lincoln Day and Slave Commission/Reparations in the Commonwealth?!?!


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