Why is it that Southerner’s are always ridiculed for honoring our ancestors when celebrating Confederate Memorial Day/Southern History Month, by our membership to SCV/UDC or other Southern Confederate organizations? We are criticized for attending reenactments, visiting battlefields, singing Dixie or just placing a battleflag on a grave.

We are told to forget… "the war is over and you lost." After all that war was fought over 140 years ago, it is time that we get along with our lives and learn to live in the new millennium. We are constantly ridiculed, accused of living in the past, still fighting the war and should learn to just shut up and get along. However, I fail to understand how this same point of reasoning doesn’t apply to the NAACP and their ilk who demand apologies and reparations for something that took place over a century ago as well!! Can we not remind them that slavery is something that has not existed since the 1800’s and to get on with their lives as well? Why can’t we tell THEM to shut up and get along? If anyone is constantly fighting a battle over something that happened so many decades ago and want all of us to REMEMBER and not FORGET, it is those who accuse us of the same! Our Hillsborough County Commissioners denied our request for a Southern Heritage Month Proclamation because it may "offend" and brings back painful memories. We are somehow supposed to remember that era in history when it favors them, yet forget it when we want to honor our history and heritage; after all it happened so many years ago…… Is this yet another double standard or is it just me?????