From: Rattlesnake Revolution <>
Date: Tue, Feb 7, 2012
Subject: Removing Confederate flag violates free speech & is unAmerican

Dear Mr. Vern Minor,
I have been informed that you are a High School Principal in Kentucky and you have suspended a high school student for displaying a Confederate flag on his private vehicle.
I am a Vietnam veteran, I fought the communists so this young man could enjoy freedom of speech (101st Airborne Division 1969).
My Daddy fought the Nazis in WW II (36th Infantry Division, helped liberate Bergen Belsen concentration camp) so this young man could enjoy freedom of speech.
My Great Great Grandfather fought under that Confederate flag, defending us, here in the South, from Yankee aggression.
You really need to read the Bill of Rights, study the history of our nation; and reconsider your decision. Persecution of those with whom you may disagree would be more appropriate in Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia; and, not in any public school in America. I am very disappointed with your actions. I will keep you in my prayers.



Dean Allen
843 597-7459
Korea, one tour on the DMZ
Vietnam, two tours of duty
SC State Guard, 6 years
Past Post Commander VFW Post 9273 (Twice)
Past VFW State Chaplain for South Carolina (Three Times)
Three Honorable Discharges
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