Removal of Confederate Flags on Graves
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April 29, 2009
Mayor Hamm and City Council Members:
RE:  Removal of Confederate Flags on Graves by Councilman Dowdell
Let me introduce myself:  My name is Sally Raburn.  I write on behalf of myself and my husband Bob.  Bob’s mother, her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are all from Alabama.   Also, let me mention that my husband is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran, (a Purple Heart and Two Bronze Stars); Fighting for someone else to have freedom… wonder why the people in Auburn don’t have freedom… freedom to honor their dead???
We are appalled at reading where one of your own Councilmen, Mr. Dowdell, has shown so much hate and disrespect to the graves of Confederate soldiers buried in a cemetery there.  Is this still America???  Who does he think he is… where does he think he has this right???
As decedents of Confederate soldiers that sacrificed their lives to protect their homes and family, we are greatly offended by these actions. I doubt it occurred to my husband while he was being shot at in the jungles of Nam, that somewhere back in the USA, because of hate and ignorance, he would see the day where his ancestors would be treated in such a fashion as this.  Mr. Dowdell needs to get an education in regard to this war and learn more about the men that fought for the Confederacy.  I might suggest that he read the Constitution of the United States of America while he is at it.  I believe what he has done is violating other people’s Constitutional rights; (have quite a few pocket size copies of the Constitution, and would be more than glad to mail him one).
The people placing Confederate flags on these graves were showing respect and honor to men who gave their all in defense of their homeland.  Their actions were not in anyway acts of hate.  However, Mr. Dowdell has shown hate and intolerance for anyone that sees something different than he does.   Is this the kind of people that you want representing your City?  If so, we shall make sure that on our next trip to Alabama to drive out of the way to avoid entering your area, and we will also suggest the same to our other family members and friends.
Sally Knight Raburn