Removal of Confederate Flags from Pine Hill Cemetery in Auburn Alabama
Mr. Dowdell:
Your removal of Confederate Flags from Pine Hill Cemetery is outrageous and despicable.
When growing up were you ever not taught any respect for grave sites?
Do you know the definitions of manners and respect? Now what part of that do you not understand?
Your apparent actions speaks volumes that you certainly do not seem to understand those concepts that I have raised heretofore.
You had absolutely no right to take those Confederate Flags from those grave sites!! Who the hell gave you the right to do so?
Mr. Dowdell, last time I checked we have rights in this country to express ourselves and revere those who have passed on. Do you not know what those rights are?  Do you not know that those rights were given to us by God? Or is it just that a group of people have rights while others who may disagree do not? Now what part of that do you not understand?
I have a feeling that by your actions either you may be clueless or that it may be a part of trying to erase a culture which by the way reveres their ancestors for serving the Confederate States which by the way African Americans did serve in the Confederate Army with distinction. It looks like by your actions that you have insulted those African Americans who had ancestors who fought for a cause that did not have anything to do with slavery but with taxes and high tariffs imposed by a true racist by the name of Abraham Lincoln.
Have you ever read the Lincoln- Douglas debates wherein Abraham Lincoln did show his true nature as a racist? Or do you buy into this politically correct trash that has been spewed. Have you ever heard of the Colonization Society in which Lincoln was a member who wished to deport African Americans?
Have you ever heard of the Pole Bearers Society whose membership was composed by Southern African Americans whom Nathan Forrest spoke to and was respected by the membership?   
By the way Mr. Dowdell, I know the meaning of totalitarianism for as an American born in Cuba I know only too well what communism is. So please do not try to insult my intelligence with any platitudes. I too had an ancestor who fought for the Confederacy from what I have been informed. Thus your actions are an insult to myself as well. Of course am I correct in stating that you may not know the definition of the word insult?
Al Gutierrez
Titusville Florida